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Conservation Achievement Award

Jeremiah and Angie Blahna and family

Jeremiah and Angela Blahna pictured with their children, Alivia, Benjamin, Evelyn, and Henry.

Aerial photo of Blahna farm

Each year, North Dakota soil conservation districts recognize local producers for their conservation efforts at the Achievement Banquet at the annual meeting and state convention of the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts.  Winners are chosen based on the exemplary conservation practices implemented on their land.

Jeremiah and Angie Blahna run a crop and 200 cow/calf operation on 2500 acres.  Between them, they are also active with     4-H, Women’s Ag Day Committee, the Soybean Council, and the Market gatherings in Carrington park.  Their conservation practices include nutrient management, prescribed grazing, installation of watering infrastructure, minimum till planting, and shelterbelt plantings and renovations.  Jeremiah believes their most important conservation practice is their emphasis on minimum till, but they’re also very proud of their several shelterbelt plantings for wind erosion and weather protection, as well as providing wildlife habitat and an orchard.   The most important lesson he’s learned is to be mindful of future crops, not just the next one, and to make good use of soil testing. 

Congratulations to Jeremiah and Angie Blahna for being the Foster County Conservation Achievement Award recipients for 2023.

He that plants a tree loves others besides himself. -- English proverb

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