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Tree Information

Links to documents and websites with information on trees:

    Conservation Tree Plantings

    Yard/Landscape Trees

    Tree Care

    Emerald Ash Borer Information

Information for Conservation Plantings

Foster SCD Tree Order Form

Provides a list of available species and can be mailed in for handplant orders.

Consult with SCD staff to plan your plantings.

ND Forest Service Windbreak Resources

Links to information on caring for your shelterbelt


ND Tree Handbook

Has pictures and descriptions of a majority of the trees sold by the District   


Lincoln-Oakes Nurseries

The nursery is owned and operated by the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts.  You can find many of the species available to you as well as see pictures and descriptions of the trees.      

Towner State Nursery

NDSU-North Dakota Forest Service operates this nursery to provide trees for conservation plantings.

Comparison of Large Deciduous Trees  

Between-Row Grass Cover

Conservation Tree Seedlings

bareroot spruce seedling against field
spruce plug against sky

Bareroot seedling

Container seedling


Both of these photos are conservation grade seedlings used in windbreak plantings.  Bareroot seedlings are used in machine tree planting.  When available, plugs are recommended for hand planting.

Photos courtesy of Towner State Nursery

Conservation Tree Info
Information for Yard and Urban Landscape Trees

NDFS Tree Selector

This tool is to be used for yard landscape trees only, NOT for shelterbelts.

City of Carrington Approved Trees List


North Dakota Tree Inventory/Planning Tool, includes the City of Carrington

Urban Tree Info
Tree Care

Tree Owner's Manual

US Forest Service publication

Watering New Tree Plantings

Click PDF for watering information.  See also Products page

Deer Damage Prevention:  See our Products page 

Information from University of Minnesota

Information from NRCS can be found here and here

Hand Planting Bare Root Seedlings:

Conifer brochure from ND Forest Service

Information from NRCS Plant Materials

Information from American Forests

Sick Tree Assistance Form   

To contact ND Forest Service for help identifying the source of a tree problem, link found on their Tree Health and Care webpage.


Information from Purdue University Extension

Information from US Forest Service

Spruce Tree Diseases

NDSU Extension publication

Common Tree Diseases in North Dakota

Information from City of Bismarck Forestry

Tree Care
Emerald Ash Borer Information

Emerald Ash Borer Toolbox 

ND Forest Service tools and information

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service   

APHIS emerald ash borer web page with links to documents, etc.

Emerald Ash Borer

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit in.  -- Greek proverb

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