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Pollinator and Landscape Information

  Documents and links to websites with information on:   


      Conservation landscaping, use of native plants, and water conservation


NDSU Publications:

    Butterfly Gardening in North Dakota

    Bee-utiful Landscapes - Building a Pollinator Garden

    Pollinator Preferences

NDSU Pollinator Websites:

    Build a Certified Home Pollinator Garden

    NDSU Extension Entomology Pollinator Page

    NDSU Extension Pollinator Conservation Facebook Page

Farming for Pollinators

Brochure describing things farmers can do to support pollinators

NRCS Pollinator Information

NRCS information on pollinators and links to other sources.  Also, links to other plant and animal information.

ND Game & Fish Pollinator Information

Information resources and NDG&F conservation programs, including pollinator gardening and school programs.

US Fish & Wildlife Service Pollinator Information

USFWS pollinator homepage with information and links

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Their Pollinator Conservation Resource Center has regional guides and resources

Pollinator Partnership

Resources include ecoregional planting guides


Landscaping and Gardening

NDSU Extension Garden and Horticulture Information

Rain Gardens

NRCS guide to installing a water conservation garden in your yard

Living Landscapes in North Dakota

Information for landscaping with native plants

Rural Living Handbook

Grand Forks County SCD provides a guide for those not familiar with rural living that are thinking about moving into the country.

Backyard Conservation

Things homeowners can do to conserve and improve natural resources


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