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USDA Websites

US Department of Agriculture

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Home page for North Dakota NRCS


Farm Services Agency

North Dakota state office page

Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory

USDA Agricultural Research Service center in Mandan, ND, developing "adaptive and integrative practices for sustainable crop, livestock, and rangeland systems" 

Bismarck Plant Materials Center

USDA-NRCS center for research on improving northern plains plants and landscapes

USDA Links
Agency Websites

NDSU Extension Service

Carrington Research Extension Center

Foster County Extension Office

North Dakota Forest Service

For link to their conservation tree planting assistance program, see the Conservation Assistance page.

ND Department of Water Resources (formerly State Water Commission)

Includes the Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Project Assistance Program

ND Dept. of Agriculture

North Dakota ag information and programs

ND Dept. of Environmental Quality

Includes permitting of animal feeding operations, water quality, and water testing

ND Game & Fish Department

For link to their conservation financial assistance programs, see the Conservation Assistance page.

North Dakota Geological Survey

For those with an interest in ND geology 

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

A USGS center conducting natural resources research, and a great source of information on ecology of the northern plains 

ND Agency Links
Other Organizations

Agricultural Organizations:

Northern Prairies Ag Innovation Alliance (formerly Manitoba-North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association)

A regional nonprofit organization providing information for producers on continuous, soil health-building production systems

North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition

A grassroots group organized to promote the health and sustainability of North Dakota's grazing lands.  Also manages the North Dakota Grazing Exchange (above) to connect landowners who don't have grazing animals with livestock owners that can provide grazing management services.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

A competitive grants and education program.  You can also go directly to their Resources and Learning page.

Youth and Consumer Educational Programs:

Project TREES

Information about The Regional Environmental Education Series, available for presentations in and out of schools

ND Ag in the Classroom

A program to teach students about agriculture from ND Dept. of Agriculture

Project Food, Land, and People

A program to educate about how agriculture, the environment, and people connect

Organizations Links

The destruction of soil is the most fundamental kind of economic loss which the human race can suffer.  --Aldo Leopold

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