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Soil Health Information

Links to documents and websites with information on soil health

Menoken Farm

Demonstration farm owned by Burleigh County SCD, offering information on soil health and systems management 


Area 4 SCD Cooperative Research Farm     

Long-term, large-scale research on conservation tillage and improving the sustainability of dryland cropping systems   

Cover Crop Chart 

Information to select a cover crop or cover crop mixture from the Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory


The History of Soil Erosion in North Dakota

YouTube video by Dave Franzen, NDSU Professor of Soil Science    

NRCS Soils and Soil Health Information

Numerous soil health resources

NDSU Soil Sense Podcasts

NDSU Soil Health YouTube Channel

Dakota Lakes Research Farm

A not-for-profit research farm owned by farmers and associated with South Dakota State University

1.  Keep the soil covered by plants or residue

2.  Minimize soil disturbance

3.  Grow a diversity of plants 

4.  Keep continuous living plants/roots in the ground 

5.  Integrate livestock into the cropping system

Cover crop used for livestock forage

A cover crop being used for livestock forage

The destruction of soil is the most fundamental kind of economic loss which the human race can suffer.  --Aldo Leopold

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